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Services Offered

     Paint Creek Web Design has many services to offer your home, small business, or large corporation. With services ranging from site hosting to Web development, Paint Creek can make your company run more efficiently, and become more profitable. If your company needs more visibility we offer Web based advertising, and logo creation. Take some time to browse through our service offerings and let us know what you think.


Web Site Design

     Paint Creek Web Design began developing Web sites after experiencing first hand the difficulties in having a professional Web site created for a project we were working on. After numerous interviews, careful consideration, and listening to everybody tell us they would create the best possible site for our needs, we chose a company to create the site. We were thoroughly disappointed, and never actually posted the site. At that point, we saw the need for reasonably priced, high quality Web authors. We heard our calling!

     Paint Creek Web Design will create a complete Web experience your customers won't forget. Whether you're looking for a one page Web presence, or a full blown, highly interactive Web site, we will exceed your expectations. We utilize the latest tools and technologies to insure that your site will be remembered. If you can imagine it, we can deliver it!

     Paint Creek Web Design programs for any Internet environment. We specialize in HTML and Flash authoring, but we have honed our talents in various Web programming languages such as DHTML, XML, CSS, ASP, JAVA, PHP, and VRML.

     Paint Creek maintains strong programming knowledge of Microsoft Internet Information Server. We will author applications that empower your company's Intranet far beyond your imagination. Inventory, sales tracking, personal messaging systems, and much more are available when you team the right tools with the right software programming company.

Custom Portal/Intranet Development

     Paint Creek Web Design can create a custom "Web Portal" for your company's private use. We can develop a Web site for your employees or vendors to connect to and get specific access to your applications, webmail, services, or vendor sites. This portal can be setup locally on one of your own servers, or remotely on one of ours. We can even create your own Intranet for help with ISO compliance and corporate policies. Have links to all of your corporate forms, orgcharts, public and private information, and employee services. Below is a sample portal page that we use here at Paint Creek.

Paint Creek Web Design Custom Portal

Mobile Device Launch Pad

    We can also create custom pages for access from mobile computing devices. Whether you are looking for page to display your company's information for use on a text device like a phone, or you want a Web based application to be accessed from the Internet on a PDA, Paint Creek can provide you with a solution to meet your needs. We have created a PDA Launch Pad with some of our favorite links for use with our PDA's here at Paint Creek. It features large buttons that we can access with our fingers instead of having to use a stylus. Take a look and feel free to use this page as your own PDA Launch Pad for personal use.

PDA Launch Pad

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     When you choose Paint Creek Web Design to provide your Internet solution, you are entitled to discounted Internet hosting rates. Paint Creek has partnered with some of the largest Windows® and Linux based hosting providers in the world, to offer guaranteed uptime (99.99%), and high availability for your hosting needs.

     Paint Creek Web Design offers both shared and dedicated hosting, depending on your particular requirements. We also offer the ability to co-locate your server if necessary. Paint Creek also offers database support, and proven encryption techniques, a requirement if your future includes e-commerce.

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     As an added service to our clients we offer discounted Internet connectivity to our clients in southeastern Michigan through multiple carriers. Please contact us for more information.

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Graphic Design

     Paint Creek Web Design realizes that when you make the decision to put your business on the Web, you expect it to happen in "Internet Time". That's why we employ a graphic artist with years of experience in the industry to insure that when a custom graphic is needed, it will be created in a timely and professional manner.

     Paint Creek uses custom graphics, created especially for your site. Any graphics not created by Paint Creek Web Design are legally obtained for use on your Web site. By using custom graphics we can insure that you will not see another site like yours. We do not use "canned" themes or pre-designed templates in the creation of our Web sites. All content is original and designed especially for each of our customers. Take some time to browse our Portfolio of customers' sites and witness first hand what we can deliver for you.

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Custom Programming

     Paint Creek Web Design can provide custom Web based applications to meet your company's needs. For additional information please use the contact us link above to make the connection with one of our experienced representatives. We will work with you personally to develop a solution that satisfies all of your requirements.

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Digital Photography

     Paint Creek Web Design uses high quality equipment to produce stunning digital images. From high speed to low light we can capture the effect you desire and really make your product shine. Paint Creek also realizes the need to get these photographs on your Web site. We can manipulate the images to improve download speeds while maintaining the integrity and beauty of the picture. If you already have photographs that you wish to utilize, we will use our High-Resolution digital scanners and graphic artistry to reproduce the image digitally for use in flyers, promotions, or on your Web site.

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Search Engine Registration

     If it is important that your company is well placed in search engines, we can use all of the current technologies available to get you there. While it is true that some search engines can not guarantee placement others can. And the ones that can not still have certain methods that dictate placement. We can fine tune your Web site and submissions to search engines to provide the best possible results.

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We offer many other services. For more information, Contact Us!

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